Saturday, May 17, 2008


this is my 2008 story portfolio. it's got a dvd cover and the most high concept pitch i could come up with in my graphic novel class this year.

advanced karate over here!

bits and pieces from my failed attempt at making a 22 minute film in 48 hours about manly men beating the tar out of each other. also something about vikings from last year and a huge thing on this story about two guys trapped in the desert and bug people.

it's all so very good.

boards about bug people

you know what'd be really cool? if the words were all on this side.

this is all backwards

the last of the boards from the bug thing and the beginning of a now era of pink old man!

my SECOND post.

i did a whole bit on the background story of my characters from my second year film. my pink old man obsession knows no ends!

my first post!

my boards from the dim sum shop and excerpts from the second semester sketchbook.