Friday, June 6, 2008

starting from zero

i did this drawing in the lab today listening to podcasts while diana and derek were hammering away at their dreamwork story tests. there was a portion in one of the shows about what you would do if you were a hornet cacoon in a spider while i was drawing, but it's not about anything really. just passing time.

i'm driving up to pixar tommorow. the first page of a new chapter.


Ethan Hegge said...

cool stuff henry. good luck up there you will do fine.

Team Diana said...

I like that I got name-checked in your blog :) The podcast we were listening to was the Ricky Gervaise show. If you want to hear more of it I'll hook you up with the whole first season. It's great stuff to listen to when you're cleaning up boards :)

Jennifer Harlow said...

Really nice drawing Henry--that must be one creative podcast!

Good luck and keep us all updated when you can! Hope you're sneaking around the Pixar cubes and giving everyone a good scare--can't let that tradition die. :|