Friday, July 3, 2009

underpants are for girls.

harry shadow box test from henry yu on Vimeo.

i'm resolute in my determination to be less hard headed so i'm trying more things! like animation! actually kind of fun.


Amanda said...

His butt has speckles on it :|


EnjoyTheSauce said...

WTF? You can animate? When did that happen?

I'm trying to live up to your expectations of "vague insults." Enjoy!

Seriously. This is pretty damn solid.

Zesung Jason Kang said...


Destiny Wood said...

Looks great, you are a good animator, but you just like story more.

Team Diana said...

Hey Henry.

Thanks for thinking my MJ drawing was funny (because it was *supposed* to be funny...).

I want to see more updates from you. You are kicking ass this summer!

Anonymous said...

Freeballin' like a freebird Henrude.

Anonymous said...

nice ass.