Monday, August 3, 2009


went hiking with nealon yesterday. it was beautiful but i ran out of water. during one of my many complain sessions a fly flew into my mouth, and i didn't have enough saliva to swollow it so it just sat angrily on the back of my throat until we found civilization again.


benettokimo said...

Ewwww... I wonder what a fly tastes like.

henry yu said...


EnjoyTheSauce said...

Hiking sure is great!

I plan on going almost every weekend if you're interested. You can try all sorts of bugs, from all over LA county.

Also, I'm covered in poison oak.

Hiking sure is great!

henry said...

yeah can't wait till one of those horse flies bites my tongue off.

i am also covered in poison oak. on the outside of my arms. possibly from the SECOND time we had to go through those POISON OAK bushes.

but yeah we should go again soon.

EnjoyTheSauce said...

I'll be un-sick enough to go hiking maybe next weekend. It might also be my buddies last weekend in town, so that might be an obligation I'll have to fulfill.