Tuesday, November 11, 2008

big explosions are good because it gets people's attention.

an animatic i made last month. i wanted to practice my perspective and i thought a chase scene would be a good idea.


MANDREWS said...

looks good man. way to go. Love your sound effects heh heh. I would suggest holding off on revealing the giant robot some more. just to increase the tension dont reveal the robot ( in Full) until they are on the bike headed down the trench. just see in in parts until then.

next I think there are a couple of point you could emphasize a little more and keep us connected with our hero buddies. ie when they hear giant stomping on th eradio we should see the recognition of fear in their eyes, not a two shot. when the one guys tells him to call it in we should be close on the guy callinging it in while the other uy is scanning for it and sees trees moving or something.

in other words- after the cut away to see their pal get stomped on there should be a growing tension to "what is it?" until you reveal it. keep themystery.

also change the last shot. it isnt clear what I am seeing.

cool man

Mandrews out

Ellen Yu said...

Henry...this is epic!