Thursday, November 13, 2008

return of lu-tze!

bringing back the pink old man for this 48 hour film adventure! the theme this year was hair.


Audrey Gayle said...

hahaha...! I love these!

Jushtin Lee said...

barOh, Henry....Why. just why. You know this is a 48 hour film right. No need for the glamour, but its good I GUESS.

Team Diana said...

Man, you drawings are awesome and watching this made me want to come up with another film *just* to have to do the voice acting. :) REally nice work Henry.

And nice hair!

andre medina said...

lol! this was funny man! your drawings got skillz too!

EnjoyTheSauce said...

It's good that being up at that fancy pants studio did absolutely nothing to make you acquire good taste. STAMP OF APPROVAL!

And pineapple of sincerity.

Also, pants of unjust taxation.

Just for yu.

Nic Sweet said...

Still funny.