Thursday, June 11, 2009

the future is not ours to see

que sera sera sera~ what ever will be will be~

here's to free falling through life!


Team Diana said...


This drawing is so pretty :)

ZaR said...

This is so great... very nostalgic, I love it!

henry yu said...

thanks you ladies!

EnjoyTheSauce said...

Hey - so what're you doing this summer, anyway? Something fancy, fancy-boy? HUH? You with your fancy fancy-boy activities, always trying to be all fancy and stuff.

Stuff like fancy. FANCY!

I was trying to see how many times typing "fancy" it took before it started sounding weird in my head. The correct answer is:

B) Four times.

Jushtin Lee said...

Hey, Henry--I LIKE!

henry yu said...

nealon: i am in fact breeding caviar in my tub so i could enjoy it in my finest smoking robe and my home grown cuban cigars.

that's right. i own a cuban man. he grows me cigars.

audrey scribblz said...


Amanda said...

Wicked! This drawing and the few next ones are delicious!

It's a side from you I haven't seen before! >D