Monday, June 22, 2009

marine for a day!

so recently, under some pretty unusual circumstances, i was allowed to participate in an all day training exercise with a whole unit of real life marines! although i can't talk about what we did, i can tell you that their flak vests are FREAKING HEAVY! a couple of guys were nice enough to let me try one on and it's like wearing a bell around you and it makes running and moving around a real challenge. those guys did it all day and they're the real deal. support your troops man!


Jushtin Lee said...

1) I'm really lovin the new stuff, buddy
2) Is it true that if you stare a marine square in the eyes you get pulverized without every even being touched by the soldier?
3) You don't have to answer #2. I already know its true.

henry yu said...

not true. the marines are super nice people and will not pulverize you unless you are an enemy of the state.

EnjoyTheSauce said...

What's a picinyst? Because that's what Blogger is making me spell to leave this comment.